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The Gila County Democratic Party is asking for your support. Our mission is to elect Democrats in all local, state, and national elections.

Our current goal is to open a year round Democrat Office in Payson in 2021, and another in Globe in 2022. To do this, we ask for your support with a monthly donation, large, or small, which will assure us a steady income stream for rent.

Your $10 or more monthly donation helps us with rent and utilities.

Your $5 monthly donation helps us with office supplies.

One-time donations wil be used for Gila County voter outreach, including mailings and ads.

We appreciate all donations, large and small, to help us reach our goal.



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North Gila County:

Genoa Healthcare 10510
404 W. Aero Dr., Payson, AZ

Banner Health Clinic Payson

117 E. Main St, Ste. A100, Payson, AZ

Ponderosa Family Care

127 E Main St, Payson, AZ

Safeway #1536

401 AZ-260, Payson, AZ

South Gila County:

Gila County Health Department

5515 S. Apache Avenue, Globe, AZ

Fry's Pharmacy

2115 US-60, Miami, AZ

Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center

5882 S Hospital Dr, Globe, AZ

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PC Testimonials

I enjoy knocking on doors or writing letters or postcards and reaching out to people, Republican or Democrat. I like informing them on what is going on in their community and discussing the candidates. I want the people to know that there is someone in their precinct who is here, living among them, who cares about them and is willing to help. Bettie J

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Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar implicated by activist in Capitol insurrection

-- The Arizona Republic

REMOVE PAUL GOSAR FROM OFFICE. Join with Yavapai County.

"As current constituents of Paul Gosar in Yavapai County, we are asking for petition signatures from residents of Arizona CD 4, Arizonans, and Americans to call on current members of Congress to refuse to seat Paul Gosar. " Sign the Petition


The evidence continues to pile up, that Arizona Republicans Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs played a large role in organizing the protest that led to the insurrection at the Capitol.

Ali Alexander, a Republican-extremist who leads the debunked “Stop the Steal” election protests across the country, identified Gosar and Biggs as significant partners in planning last Wednesday’s pro-Trump event in D.C. to stop the certification of the Electoral College.

At any earlier rally in Arizona, Paul Gosar called the courts that ruled against Trump “pathetic” and challenged the crowd to show the country what they are made of stating “live free or die.”

Their actions and rhetoric are reckless, dangerous, and potentially treasonous.

We must hold these Arizona Republicans accountable for their part in the failed insurrection at the Capitol. ADD YOUR NAME and demand that Republicans Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs resign for their role in the failed insurrection >>


Don’t let them get away with this,

-- Arizona Democrats

Legislative Alerts

The AZ Legislature is now in session. Keep up-to-date with CEBV's weekly newsletter. Find out what bills are in progress, and when and how you can express your opinion via RTS, call, or email. This session, we can expect more attacks on Voter Rights. See the latest Newsletter (and sign up for more) here: AZ LEGISLATURE WEEKLY UPDATE • 2021 PREVIEW EDITION

Abolish the Electoral College

After three disputed Presidential elections in just 20 years, it's time for Congress to abolish the Electoral College.

Instead we should finally become a true Democracy and elect our President based on who receives the most votes, like every other Democracy in the world.


Request To Speak (RTS) 101

Note: Sign up for CEBV weekly newsletters about pending legislation.

The AZ Legislature opens session on January 11. Are you ready to review and comment on proposed bills? Its easy! Learn how to use the RTS system with training by CEBV. CEBV will even send you a weekly newsletter listing upcoming bills and their thoughts and recommendations on them. Check our calendar for upcoming zoom events: Calendar

AZ Independent Redistricting Commission

Learn about Arizona Redistricting by attending an ADP info session on Zoom. More info @

Several sessions are available in January. See our Calendar

GCDP Elects New Officers

Gila County Democratic Party met on Saturday, Dec. 5 to elect new officers for the 2021-2022 cycle. Elected were: Chris Senko, Chair; Bettie Julkes, Treasurer; Patty Ryan, Secretary.

Mark Kelly is sworn in as Arizona's newest Democratic U.S. Senator

December 2, 2020

Arizona Official Election Results:

Joe Biden (D) 1,672,143

Donald Trump (R) 1,661,686

Gila County turnout: 82.36%
AZ State turnout:

Gila County Results: Gila County
State Results: State Canvas

"The Arizona Democratic Party County Committees are fundamental to the overall administration of our organization. Without each of our 15 counties we would not be a great state party. Together we rise to the obstacles our time; we look forward to living in a state where our shared values are reflected in our laws and all our communities. Thank you to all of you who volunteer your time, energy, and resources to turn this state blue. We can do this!"

Mary Darling - Chair, Santa Cruz County Democrats