Become A PC

About Precinct Committee Persons (PC)

What is a Precinct Committee Person?

A PC (Precinct Committeeperson) is a neighborhood representative of the local Democratic Party.

The objective of the PC is to get Democrats elected. How do they do this?

  • Support Candidates

  • Inform Voters

  • Motivate people to VOTE !!

What Does A PC Do?

Inform Voters

  • Go door to door (Canvass)

  • Write letters and postcards

  • Call people on the telephone

  • Hold neighborhood gatherings and group events

  • Know about candidates, issues and events

  • Engage with voters at every opportunity.

  • Recruit other volunteers

Motivate People To Vote

  • Inform and remind them about election dates and ballot choices

  • Encourage people to vote by mail –PEVL (Permanent Early Voting List)

  • Help them get to the Polls

Why Become A PC?

  • Make connections with other PCs and like-minded people including leaders in your community.

  • Amplify your vote – you have a bigger impact and are part of the change.

  • Channel your frustration – Harness your energy towards change!

PC Testimonials

I enjoy knocking on doors or writing letters or postcards and reaching out to people, Republican or Democrat. I like informing them on what is going on in their community and discussing the candidates. I want the people to know that there is someone in their precinct who is here, living among them, who cares about them and is willing to help. Bettie J

When I go to the door of a Democrat I love to see their grin when they say. “Oh, there are other Democrats in Town." It's definitely a way to meet with others who have the same beliefs. We are willing to make phone calls, write postcards, and stand on corners to tell the community that we are here and willing to work for our candidates and for our ideals of the Democratic Party. Marie F

I wanted to make a difference. Being a PC has allowed me to meet large numbers of like-minded neighbors. It’s satisfying to help folks get information about candidates and issues, and it feels great to help get out the vote. Teresa K

I know there are folks behind doors that think they are alone in their thinking about equal justice, good public education and healthcare for all. I want to find more like minded folks and bring them into the fold. Patty R

My favorite part of being a PC is canvassing a neighbor for the first time, and they are ecstatic to learn there are other Democrats in our neighborhood. There is an instant rapport. I can’t wait to get them all together (when safe) for a meet and greet. Chris S

For me, being a PC is not that much different from the work I have always tried to do--introduce folks to our DRC folks, be welcoming at meetings to new people, make phone calls, and show up at the special events. Please consider doing it; you'll meet the most wonderful people, and they will become friends and you can honestly talk to each other--it's a priceless gift. Wilma D

Ready To Become A PC?

Download the PC Application Form: PC Application Form

Return the completed form to:
Gila County Democratic Party
P.O. Box 2312
Payson, AZ 85547